Loved & sent

We are excited for our current message series, Loved and Sent based on the book by Jeff Cloeter. You will find a reading plan, recorded messages and faith statement guide. Don't forget to stop by our map in the Worship Center and mark where you are Loved & Sent! 

Loved & sent reading plan

Week of:

April 8 - Intro (pp. 11-28)

April 15 - God the Father (pp. 31-42)

April 22 - God the Son (pp. 43-52)

April 29 - God the Holy Spirit (pp. 53-62)

                God’s Purpose (pp. 105-124)

May 6 - Who am I? (pp. 63-104)

May 13 - The Purpose of Love (pp. 125-142)

May 20 - The Purpose of the Calling (pp. 143-156)

May 27 - The Purpose of Go (pp. 157-175)

About the author

Jeff Cloeter is Senior Pastor of Christ Memorial Lutheran Church in St. Louis, Missouri. His ministry has taken him from camps to youth ministry and church planting. As a sixth generation Lutheran pastor, he blogs at Jeff and his wife, Bobbi, have four children - Bella, Joshua, Emily, and Jacob.