St. John Future Gathering Plans

** please note all plans subject to change!


For the foreseeable future, we will continue having Majestic Grace at 8:15am and NewSong at 11:00am on Sunday morning with a livestreams available at YouTube and Facebook for each service. Masks are recommended, but not required. We will continue our current sanitation and social distancing practices until it is clear that changes can safely be made. 



June & July  

For  these months, we will continue the Sunday morning Zoom studies for both Youth (contact Amy // and Adults (contact Pastor Bahn // If you’d like more information, please visit the website or contact either of those staff members. 


We will celebrate and learn more about being a Kingdom Seeker during this month. It is one of the 7 core practices of being a disciple at St. John. We will have four guest preachers/speakers during our worship services and these four will each lead an all-congregation Bible Study between services on those respective Sundays. (August 9, 16, 23, 30) 


We hope, with optimistic caution, that the social distancing restrictions will be lifted or greatly reduced so that we can restart our Sunday Morning  Bible Study Communities in the rooms which they have previously occupied. 

If our plan goes ahead, Adult Bible Study Community leaders can plan to begin their studies on September 20th. If youth Sunday school resumes, we will plan to have a Rally Day Celebration between services on Sunday, September 13th.   



DURING June/July/Aug 

1.       Groups are now allowed to gather on campus as long as they are able to maintain

          social distancing.  

2.       Rooms will have tables and chairs arranged in a manner where social distancing can    

          be appropriately carried out. 

3.       There will be a sanitation process for you to clean up after your group exits. 


1.       If you group would like to meet, please fill out the attached form with all pertinent

          information and return it to Suellen Denis // 

2.      You may request a specific room, but we will assign groups to the appropriate space

          for their event and let you know where on campus it will be. 

3.       Here are some estimated room capacities : Chapel = 45, 

                                                                                  Admin Room 101/102 = 18-20.