Calling on God

Sunday, July 02, 2023

Free to Be Weak

We are a strong nation in many aspects.  We are a strong congregation in many aspects as well.  Weakness is not seen as something we should desire.  Yet with a proper perspective toward God as Creator and King, weakness can be a beautiful thing as we empty ourselves of our own arrogance and are filled with the power of the Spirit.  We, along with our nation, need this sort of strength.

Serenity prayer

“Peace, Be Still.” Jesus said those words to a storm; perhaps we need to hear them for our lives.  A prayer for peace, the Serenity Prayer, is very popular these days. Although it is not found in Scripture, it does connect to many godly teachings of God’s Word.  Pastor Jeff leads us through a few of its connections and implications for our lives as we continue the Calling on God series.

Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane 
In the Garden of Gethsemane, we find perhaps the four most difficult words of Scripture to pray, “Your will be done.”  Jesus, the One whose mission it was to die for the sins of the world, struggled with that reality coming upon Him.  The weight upon His shoulders was heavy.  He knew of His death.  He knew of His resurrection.  He knew the Father’s plan all along yet we see the reality of His human nature combined with His divine nature in that Garden. Pastor Jeff leads us into the Garden, into the heart of the Father and into the struggle of the Son.
The Lord's Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer can sometimes be prayed on autopilot. But that’t not what Jesus wants for his people. This prayer unites us with millions of people around the world who join in praying, “Our Father…” We pray for his reign and rule to come, for forgiveness to be given and received, and for deliverance from every kind of evil. 
Luther's Morning and Evening Prayer
Living in God’s grace and in the protection of the Lord are two primary factors of Luther’s Morning and Evening Prayers.  Written so that a father and mother can share and pray easily with their children, we as God’s people can be nourished and blessed through time with God