Holy Week: All Sermons

Sunday, April 10, 2022


Christ is Risen, alleluia!


Good Friday:

2000 years later, the story of Christ's passion is as true as ever.  As we learn of Christ's death and suffering, we remember that even our sins put him on his cross, but his mercy and atonement stretch through the millennia and offer forgiveness to us today.


Maundy Thursday:

Betrayed by Judas, one of His twelve disciples. Betrayed by Judas for thirty pieces of silver. Betrayed
by Judas with a kiss—imagine that, a kiss! Betrayed by Judas in a garden east of Jerusalem called
Gethsemane. Betrayed! Jesus was betrayed for us. After betraying Jesus, Judas plunges into the depths of
despair. He does not return to Jesus to seek forgiveness. But this Thursday, the night Jesus is betrayed,
reminds us of the forgiveness, life, and salvation that Jesus provides for us in the Lord’s Supper. May we
keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we journey ever closer to the cross.


Palm Sunday:

We’ve all been waiting for a long time, hoping, yearning, praying for an end to the pandemic. We know help will come, but will it come in time? This week we will look at the arrival of the Savior to Jerusalem and all the excitement and celebration on that day. But what if the reality does not live up to the hype? Join us this Sunday as we celebrate Palm Sunday and Jesus’ arrival that brings hope to the hopeless, courage to the fearful, and peace to the anxious.