June 2023

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Praying Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is a most beloved section of Scripture.  We love to read it and we love to hear it.  But, have you ever found yourself praying it?  Psalm 23 can enrich our prayer life.  Join us as Pastor Jeff leads us through the meaning of this glorious text as well as learning how to pray it back to God Himself. 

What is a Man?
Father’s Day can be a very special day for many.  Living with a godly father is a blessing from God.  Unfortunately, not every home has a godly father present. Much of the breakdown in our society stems from homes without godly fathers.  Where is the hope?  Looking at the life of Job as well as a parable of Jesus, we recognize the connection to True Riches that God desires for us and through this connection, men and women alike can be strengthened in life.

I've Got the Joy... Do You?
After a STELLAR week of VBS at St. John, we closed out our celebration in worship on Sunday, June 25 with a message by Pastor Stephen DeMik on Philip. During VBS, our kids are always encouraged to look for 'God Sightings,' and Philip had the same mentality. It didn't matter if the Holy Spirit led him to Samaria or to the middle of the wilderness--he knew God was with him, and he share the Gospel with joy.