Single Sermons

Sunday, June 05, 2022

True Riches in Jesus

True Riches in Christ don't come from material things like money or our Jobs.  Our families and relationships are great blessings, but also are not the source of our eternal riches.   Those riches, the gift of eternal life, come from the promises and acts of Christ.  As Christians, we strive to share those gifts with our neighbors.


New Year's Day

Really??? 2023!?!? Now what?! Is anxiety high as you hear and read about the struggles we face in this nation and even in our homes? Pastor Jeff shares a message of Hope with regards to how God works in spite of the sinfulness around us (and in us).


This week Pastor Mark calls upon George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Psalm 100 to lead us into Thanksgiving to God for our Nation and all His good gifts.

It's tough to be thankful for what you DO have instead of what you WISH you had.  It's easy to focus on what you DON'T have.  What if you could have it all?  What if you could - for once - be thankful for all out riches?  For the best you can imagine rather than just a taste of it?  Dare to dream?  Dare to be thankful in a way that is completely unrestrained?  Come to church this Thanksgiving and see!

Veterans' Day

Joshua 1:6-9;  2 Timothy 2:1-7;  Matthew 24:3-14

A beloved hymn, “Onward Christians Soldiers” reflects the reality that our faith exists in a troubled, broken world.  We are called to move forward, understanding the ways of the enemy while remaining strong in battle.  Jesus said, “See that no one leads you astray.” (Matthew 24:4)  Pastor Jeff Doria shares the hope found in Jesus about being a Veteran of the Faith.

Baptism Sunday

What refreshes you? Baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie?  Popsicles, watermelon, and grillin’ burgers?  Perhaps a cold beer or a frozen strawberry daiquiri are more your speed.  These along with camping and enjoying a starlit sky can all be a part of summertime fun.  Greater than all these put together is the refreshment from God through Baptism.  It not only refreshes, it renews; a change from death to life and, connected to Christ, we have rest for our souls.  Discover more as Pastor Jeff shares a refreshing message on this Baptism Sunday.

Father's Day

A father’s influence can have long lasting effects.  God uses men to impact their children, as well as other children, in powerful ways.  Yet no matter how hard a man tries, it seems there is a season where the influence is less effective.  Discover more as Pastor Jeff shares a Father’s Day message of strength, hope and encouragement, not only for our earthly fathers, but also to see how our Heavenly Father influences our lives



After the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples on Pentecost, His work was not complete. We still feel the pull of the Holy Spirit today, as we are called to faith, gathered as the Church and enlightened with God's perfect gifts. We continue to be developed by the work of the Spirit and know that with His help God's kingdom will be made manifest here on earth.



He descends like a dove, He baptizes with fire, He leads to Salvation, He comforts, guides and corrects; He is the Spirit of life, the sense of truth, the voice of God. When you are alone, lost and afraid, He will carry you home.  He is the Holy Spirit who came at Pentecost and continues to come into our lives each day.