New Sermon Series

There are certain things that we parents want to make sure our children learn or understand before they leave our homes and launch into the world.  This series is built off a list of Life Lessons Pastor Mark developed for the Intentional series last Fall.  The list is now expanded into a four week series.  God made us.  God made our children.  He knows how this is supposed to work.  So it makes sense to tap the Bible for all we can learn.   If you have children in your home, you can’t miss it.  If you have grandchildren, you can’t miss it and make sure you tell your adult children to come or watch online.  And since there are TWO great launches in each person’s life: When you move out of your parents’ home and when you move into your heavenly Father’s home, these life lessons are things all of us are still needing to learn.  Don’t launch your kids without it!  


Apr 16 2023


St John Lutheran Church
St. John Campus


Leslie Sullivan