Sunday, August 27, 2023


Did you spend any time this Summer looking up at the stars on a clear, warm night?    The Psalms say that the heavens declare the Glory of God.  Astronomers have found ways to peer into the universe and uncover the mysteries of the heavens, but can they actually tell us about God?  More so than you can imagine.  Come and see how awesome and mighty are the works of the Lord.  Come and see a taste of His Glory! 

Son Redeemer Part 1
Jesus is so central to our understanding of who God is that He gets two weeks.  This week we talk about His love for us and how and why we respond to Him in love.  It’s all about the love, baby!
Son Redeemer Part 2
Jesus is the most famous person who has ever lived.  But why?  And are those reasons good or bad?  What does our world get right about this man and what does our world get wrong?  Most importantly, What makes Jesus worth worshiping?  Let’s talk about all that and more this Sunday!
All Consuming Fire
The Bible says that God is an all-consuming fire!  That means he wants our faith to consume everything about our lives, thoughts, decisions and actions – consume them like a wildfire consumes a forest.  In fact, Jesus goes so far as to say that if we have a lukewarm faith, he will spit us out of his mouth!  He would much rather that we come to him in repentance for our lukewarm faith and receive his forgiveness and then allow the Holy Spirit to grow our faith into an all-consuming fire.   Let’s grow together!