November Sermons

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Christ the King Sunday

After WWI, many European kingdoms fell and in the aftermath, a new, annual Christian worship service was created: Christ the King Sunday. People had lost their faith in kings and queens, which we Americans fully understand! Yet, we still put our trust and faith in many things today, and pledge our allegiance to organizations and people. What are you allowing to be King of Your Heart? Is it Jesus first? Does he reign over your decisions, emotions and choices? He loves you and wants to be King of Your Heart.



Strivin' for Tithin'

Jesus teaches about the strong pull that money has on our hearts, how Jesus wants our hearts, and how Jesus sees money as His chief competition for our hearts.

All Saints Sunday

It all started in a Garden, beautiful and perfect - until Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Now we wait for Jesus to return and restore us to a paradise more glorious than any worldly garden we might ever imagine. As we remember the those who have gone on before us, we recall our hope as loved people of God - saints, by his grace, and calling.


Kick in the Prayer Pants
Martin Luther said prayer is hard work.  We all know we want to pray more.  But finding the time is difficult and finding the words to say is even more difficult.   Isn’t that one of the reasons we come to church?  To get help doing the things we really want to do?  This week pastor Mark will give our pray lives a jump start – a ‘kick in the prayer pants’ so to speak.