Prepare for Launch: Full Series

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Raising Kids to Have Good Self Confidence
God wants us to live satisfying, complete, and fulfilled lives in which we are confident of our own value and self-worth because we belong to HIM.  He wants his love, creation and ownership (redemption) of us to give us an identity that surpasses all other worldly identities.  Come hear how to teach our children about creation, inner beauty, and an identity,  giving them self-confidence that transcends the struggles and lies of this world.  You can’t release your kids into the world without this one! 

God's Design for Our Relationship with Stuff

How we teach our kids to relate to and perceive possessions, blessings, and money will impact their quality of life for their whale lives.  God has practical wisdom that invites us into a deep relationship with Him and His desire to bless us, His children.  This week we’ll talk about how to get this blessing and pass it down to our children.

God's Design for Our Relationship with Other Humans

Isaiah 1:1-4, 18-20; Acts 5:27-32 & 40b-42; Luke 14:7-14

The key to good a relationship with the other people is to tell someone you are hurt, ask for an apology, and ask them for forgiveness.  This is how we live in Christian relationship, according to God's will.  This week we’ll talk about how to teach your children by actively modeling this in our homes. 

God's Design for Our Relationship with Him

Prepare for Launch! How do we get our children and ourselves ready for the launch into adulthood and into Heaven? The Prodigal Son story has a lot to tell us about God’s design for our relationship with Him. How would you describe or define your relationship with Him? What does He truly desire? It might be more simple than you had imagined.